We Are All the Same

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Every time I read a post I write on here after I have had a bad day or if I get too passionate about a topic I start to feel a little guilty and I continue to apologize. You have to remember that this is after years of putting up with women and watching as my money has been thrown down the drain. So again ladies, I am sorry and don’t mean to sound like a total misogynist.

So remember my buddy and his whole roofing situation?


After I thought more about it and read my post about it I realized that I am starting to convert myself into realizing that guys are just as, if not worse than women when it comes to seeking approval and attention from the opposite sex.

The idea that a guy would spend thousands of dollars on a roof because they feel like it is too “feminine” is absolutely ludicrous to me and is way worse than a woman spending a few hundred bucks on a coach purse.

I think both men and women need to stop pitting themselves against each other and just realize that we are all human and we all spend money on dumb things that almost could always be spent on better and more useful things.

So again, I sincerely apologize for all of my trashing of women because I am just an ignorant guy who is trying to kill some time on the internet.

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Alright Guys Are Bad Too

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I have obviously spent a lot of time ragging on women here at what was supposed to be an outlet for me to complain about my girlfriend buying too much Coach stuff. So remember my last post about how I think that all of the expensive brands that women like to boast around in all look the exact same to me? Well I am going to have another one trashing the guys so you are welcome in advance ladies :)


So a few posts ago I mentioned a friend of mine, let’s call him Jeff, wanted to redo his whole roof because he was convinced everyone in his neighborhood thought he was a wuss because of his roof and he wanted to “man it up.” Yeah, I am friends with a lot of tools and I have accepted it. I think a lot of this goes back to what I was talking about before in regards to evolution and guys having this need to alpha male everyone around them. I really have a lot of nerve going off on women, don’t I?

Sorry Jeff, but even though you’re a guy I have to trash anyone who wastes so much money on something so silly for insecurity reasons. So long story short, I think his new roof looks absolutely horrific and he wasted thousands of dollars on it. When I saw the finished product I immediately demanded to know who did this and who would approve of something so stupid. Well it was all his idea and he went through these guys at Professional Roofers Co. I don’t want to trash them because they actually did a really good job and the roof itself looks great, but on Jeff’s house it looks absolutely terrible and I love the fact that it does.

I don’t know why, but guys really do have a urge to tackle random home improvement projects even when they aren’t necessary to try and appear more masculine. Well look at the first picture on the right on that last link and take a look. Now don’t get me wrong; I can definitely see how he would think this looks a little less “masculine” than other choices but it still looks like a nice clean house, right?

Well in place of that, he got this little flat commercial roofing style looking roof installed on his house to replace the whole thing. It looks ridiculous and I know that Jeff thinks it does too but of course, he will absolutely never admit it and is convinced that he has the “manliest” house on the block.

He won’t tell me how much he paid for it which tells me that he knows he wasted his money. I really don’t know why everyone is so fixed on drawing attention to themselves at all times.

I am starting to feel bad for all of my past posts on women…

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All The Same

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I guess the same thing could be said for guys like I kind of mentioned on my last one, but I really don’t see the differences between most girls’ choices for purses and all of the nonsense that they buy. Between Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Michael Kors I genuinely could never tell you the difference between any of them if I can’t see the actual name printed across the whole thing.

Is this not a 100% rip off from Louis Vuitton???

So my question to you ladies, is do you prefer having these purses because they look good with whatever outfit or clothes you have? Or is it strictly a money thing and you just want the most expensive thing that you can get?

From my experience with ladies and from past relationships, the latter seems to be the one that makes way more sense. This is an aspect of fashion, especially when it comes to the ladies, that I really never understood. If the top designer for this month came out with the single ugliest article of clothing that the world has ever seen, there would still be lines out the door the next day of rich women foaming at the mouth waiting to get their hands on them. It doesn’t really seem to matter what certain brands look like, as long as they have that expensive logo somewhere on them.

I was surprised to see that Coach didn’t even make the page on Wikipedia’s High Fashion Brands. Maybe I have been a little harsh on all my past girlfriends on here…

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A Guy’s Coach

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I looked over all of my posts after I posted the last one yesterday and even I have to admit, I kind of sound like an animal on here and I am sure if there are any girls left reading this you probably hate me. I totally understand if you do and I will try my best to keep this thing fair and even but put yourself in my position.


I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars over the years just to keep girls happy. These thousands of dollars went to what I like to think are very trivial things such as purses and whatever the hell else girls like to waste money on. So picture yourself spending thousands of your hard earned dollars on boyfriend’s cars over years and how frustrated it would make you. Then picture yourself armed with the internet and a space where you can completely unwind and unload all of your built up frustration.


So in addition to video games, I have noticed that guys love to spend money on this to make them look more “manly” like parts for their car or house in order to gain this attention that I have been continuously trashing women for. I never really understood guys who do this and just like women doing this with their coach purses, I think these guys look like complete tools trying to impress whoever they can and are just screaming for attention.


Just last week a buddy of mine had his entire roof redone because he thought his old one looked “too feminine.” Look at the little picture of the first house in this video


Yeah, my friend is an idiot and is completely insecure. He just had to have a “manly” black roof because everyone in the neighborhood thought he was a sissy in his head.


See ladies? I can trash guys too.

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My Reasoning

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Now that you have a little bit more of an idea of where I stand behind a lot of my reasoning from my last one, I can keep this little topic going. Again, take everything I say with a grain of salt. I know I am about to sound like a complete lunatic to a lot of you, but this isn’t about you now is it?

I think women have this need and constant crave for attention because of evolutionary reasons, just like the reason you might catch your boyfriends eyes following the beautiful woman that just walked past. Which I am not trying to make an excuse for; just the reasoning behind this.


In my world, woman absolutely and 100% need to receive attention from some sort almost all the time. The reason being back in the day of our ancestors, the girls who craved the most attention probably got the most from the poorly evolved cave men (that guys like me are accused of being every day). These lovely attention seeking ladies were the ones who reproduced the most and passed on their genes to their offspring, with the need for this attention increasing with every generation since humans were around.


I am not saying that any of this is bad by the way and pretty much anything I say on here that sounds judgmental is just because of the excuses I have gotten from my girlfriends all my life. I just want you to be honest ladies!


I will tie this all back to coach eventually.

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Now that you know where guys like me are coming from if you were here yesterday I can talk about some of the reasoning and excuses that women have given me over the years in response to me calling them out of their nonsense and craving of attention. But first a little background of where I am coming from.


If I get caught staring at a beautiful women that walks past me by my girl I don’t even try to lie about. Yes, that women was gorgeous and I am a guy. I have been evolutionarily (is that even a word?) built over MILLIONS OF YEARS to look for attractive women that would be perfect carriers of my offspring. We can’t fight nature here ladies I am sorry.


So I like to consider myself a pretty logical guy and always have been. I might sound like I get mad a lot on here but I really am not an angry guy. I tend to look at everything from an outsider position looking in and try to be reasonable with everything. So when women tell me that they don’t crave attention, I immediately do not believe them because I am logical and look at the grand scheme of things, especially when it comes to things like this and nature.

If you couldn’t tell by this one, I am not a religious guy at all and as far as I am concerned there is absolutely no debate in whether or not evolution is true. It simply comes down to whether or not you want to accept it. There is no believing or not believing in it anymore. It’s true and if you refuse to accept it then I can’t help you but has 0 impact on the validity of it.


It will make sense where I am going with this on my next one.


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Attention for Guys

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Now pay attention on this one ladies because it is important. I know that any of you female readers that I may have might have lost your minds on the last couple of posts because us guys are just as guilty as craving attention as you, right?


Well, you are sort of right but there is a huge distinction between us that needs to be addressed.


I will grant you that any guy that says they don’t crave attention from the opposite sex is just as full of shit as all of you ladies. We all crave attention and every time we catch a wandering eye making its way to us from a girl we love it. I WILL GRANT YOU ALL OF IT!


The Difference.


The enormous difference between the two of us is that any guy will happily and proudly admit that they crave attention and when we get it from girls we love it. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!


I don’t know why it is so difficult for women to admit this fact. I think there is an evolutionary reason behind the constant craving of attention but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


Another huge difference is that you ladies crave attention from your own kind! This is another thing that needs to be known. We guys have absolutely ZERO desire to get attention from any other guy AT ALL!


Unless your gay of course. Then they probably do crave attention from guys and more power to them! At least they don’t have to put up with women buying thousand dollar purses but that is a whole other matter.

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Back to Coach

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The last post sounded a little mean but this whole thing is after years of putting up with the nonsense of women so I am sorry but I am not sorry.


This whole attention thing really got me going and the more I think about the more it drives me crazy.

Can any of you ladies out there honestly tell the difference between these two purses? Please not all at once. Can you at least tell me which one is the fake and which one is real? If you can then I am sorry but I am sure the most of you can’t.


Have any of you ladies come up with any good reasons to waste so much money on your dumb purses other than simply showing off the fact that you have the money to blow?


Let’s think about this logically please, which I know you ladies have an extremely hard time doing. But what is it about attention from others, even other girls, that just fuels you into buying such ludicrous things??


Do not even try and tell me that you don’t crave attention because you are full of shit if you do and are completely and 100% either being dishonest or you’re delusional.


And don’t worry, I know what you are all thinking and I will talk about it on my next one.

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Not to toot my own horn, but my little rant about women wanting attention with their stupid flashy coach purses and accessories was actually a pretty solid point and I want to talk more about it. Don’t forget ladies, I am going to go back and forth between your lovely selves and us lovely guys and our flaws too so don’t get your expensive panties in a bunch.


I’m really coming off as a misogynist animal with this little coach outlet page of mine aren’t I? I promise I am not ladies, and if you could see some of the absolutely romantic and adorable things I do for my girl all the time you wouldn’t even believe I was the one writing all of this. I promise.


Aright back to trashing you.

One thing that has driven me absolutely INSANE with every girl I have dated is their want and need for attention from others. Again, not trying to toot my own horn but the majority of women I have dated were close to 10’s and they all got looks from guys all the time.

Now this in itself never bothered me and I actually love it. Makes me feel proud and I take it as a compliment when I catch the stares from others.

What I don’t love however, is every girl I have dated telling me that they can’t stand it when they groped with guys’ eyes and they think it is disgusting…


So that low cut top your wearing and pants that look like they are painted on you is just because they’re “comfy” right? Listen ladies, we don’t care if you love getting attention but please don’t lie to us, we really aren’t as dumb as you think we are.

Got a little off topic on this one, can you tell I am a jaded dude? I’ll get back to Coach on the next one.

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Back to Ladies

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Now that I have touched on guys and video games I think the playing field is a little bit more even now and I can go back to trashing women. So ladies it’s fair enough that you think we waste our time on video games and we could be spending our time in much more productive ways.

Fair enough ladies I can’t disagree too much.

But let’s do a little bit of a comparison here. My girlfriend right now has a small wallet size purse thing that she saved up months for and paid just over $1,100 for the thing. One video game that I buy is at the most $60. I just don’t see the comparison here and I don’t understand what it does to have people know you blew that much money on something stupid.

I think that’s where it all comes apart for me and drives me absolutely insane. What other point is there to having an expensive purse other than you want people to know that you have the kind of money to blow on something as useless as something to hold your make up in?

I have to admit I just made a pretty good point right there and I really can’t imagine any women who could argue that at all. Ladies please feel free to chime in.

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